Thursday, 24 March 2011

Stories - The Maple Valley Families

A few of the pictures below feature scenes from my old Maple Valley game, where custom content was used. They illustrate what I was trying to show in the text, they are old, Maple Valley includes no CC, and the file you will download has not been played!

Rivière - by Zythe

Anton Rivière is the Mayor of Maple Valley, and is a power mad, mean, nasty and money driven man. Married to Sylvia, a retired movie star, their relationship is very strained and it would appear he only stays with her to keep his public image intact.
Anton has had plenty of affairs throughout their life together and Sylvia ignores them; he doesn't treat her well, she still loves him, but lives in a dream world where she pretends everything is fine. Selena and Clark have a strong relationship: they confide in, depend on and can laugh easily with each other. But of the two children, Anton favours Clark, and tries to encourage him to follow in his own footsteps. Clark isn't interested in Anton's schemes and manipulation, he has a reasonable relationship with his father but is aware that Anton's 'deals' benefit no one but himself. Where that isn't Clarks way at all, he just wants to get on with life as he chooses. Their daughter Selena has a very stormy relationship with Anton, they constantly push each other to the limit and she is just beginning to learn the full lengths this man is prepared to go to to get his own way. Selena gets on with her mother well, but they haven't managed to become too close all the while Sylvia has her head stuck so far in the sand!

Hudson - by MeLfaith
Marnie's husband ran off with his company secretary just after their twins Joel and Sienna were born. Now teens, she is trying to make a really good relationship with them, though as usual with kids of their age, they are much more interested in distancing themselves from her all too cozy looking little world. They just want to get out, make friends and have fun!
On the surface, Marnie is perhaps an overly fussy mother, she cleans up every last spot of dirt and does her best to keep her home and family in order...but underneath...

Applebaum - by babjayne
Luke felt his world was complete: he had married Maria and they had moved in with his parents. They'd all been getting along so well, how could it end this badly, that fast?
Luke and his mother and father had been a very close family, getting over both of their very sudden deaths was turning out to be terribly hard for him. When Maria said she was pregnant, with her love and support, the baby's arrival would bring a new beginning and he knew they would get through...

Tieliner - by HazyFlowers
Life had had its ups and downs, but their marriage was strong and everything seemed good in their world. So Joe was utterly distraught when his wife Tera died, leaving him with teen daughter Shiya, son Tim and toddler Terri.
Shiya helps out at home, she cooks and cleans and looks after Terri while Joe is at work, but she also needs time to herself. She has become quite stroppy since losing her mother, and is starting to get herself into trouble with her peers. Tim is so very sad, he misses his mum and just wants everything to go back to normal again! They all love Terri, and care for her the best that they can. Joe works at trying to hold them all together, where in truth he is falling apart.

Oak - by mistwind
Peridot has had two failed marriages, her first husband beat her and the second had an affair. She has a teen daughter Topaz, a son Matt, and has recently fallen in love with Jim Mathews.
Jim has now moved in, but is she really ready, and does she want the level of commitment that he says he is prepared to give? Her kids have suffered through her break-up's, Topaz doesn't know the whole story of why her mother threw her father out, and she resented Peridot for a while for divorcing him. They have since started to rebuild their relationship, and things are becomming less strained. Matt heard Peridot telling Jim what had happened with her ex's, but he's still rather young, can he keep this information a secret from his sister?
Can Jim help to heal Peridot's heart, is he worthy of her trust, and will everything turn out better this time?

MacDonald  - by Kail210
Four siblings, all having struggled after their parents death in a car accident while they were teens. They are now making their way along different paths, each with a goal, but will they all succeed in reaching what they're aiming for?

Chuang - by miss_rachel
Weng-lu is an overbearing father who has a strong influence over his shy daughter Mei-en. He arranged her marriage to Feng, and later, he and Feng were caught conspiring against their government.
Feng was taken prisoner, luckily Weng-lu managed to escape and went back for Mei-en. They were both then helped to get away safely. But now Mei-en has no idea whether Feng is alive or dead.
With very few funds, Mei-en and Weng-lu made their way to Maple Valley, where they have bought a very small, sparsely decorated house. Weng-lu has taken a part time job, but money is still very tight. Mei-en has dreams of Feng, she says she feels him near. But Weng-lu knows Feng was unlikely to survive, and feels that she is making herself sick with worry, he is very concerned for her and wishes she would move on.

Tangia - by HazyFlowers
Elvie had taken time out to travel before deciding what she would do with her life. She had been visiting a group of islands, and was about to finish her trip when there was a commotion behind her. People started pushing and shouting, someone gathered their things and they got into their all too small boat and left quickly. As it turned out, they had set off just in time, because as she settled herself, she noticed passengers beside her were wide-eyed with fear and gasping as they looked towards the island, she turned around to see an explosion in the distance!
Having somehow safely arrived at the airport, there was still panic all around. Checking her baggage before hastily being bundled onto a waiting plane, Elvie discovered a baby wrapped in a torn blanket, staring up at her from inside of her holdall. Elvie didn't know what to do! At that moment, the crowd surged, and she found herself in her seat on the plane with the baby in her arms, and before she knew it, they took off!
Was it shock, or the fact that Elvie was just a little bit ditzy at the best of times, but she had said nothing, and in return, no one seemed to question her either. So she just acted as normal as was possible in the circumstances, and took the child home.
Elvie sat on her sofa, holding this scared little girl to her, and although she had no maternal insticts at all, she tried her best to look after the baby. She decided to call her Duluth, which was the name of the island she'd been visiting, and she later adopted her, but she fears the dreaded social worker because Elvie's parenting skills leave a lot to be desired!
Elvie is dating Clark Rivière: before she left things had become more serious between them, and now Duluth has come along, she was worried about how he would react. But for some reason it was all much easier than she'd thought it would be, and Clark seemed to understand her situation. He said he had been stationed near the area Elvie had been visiting, and that with a baby or not, he was glad she had returned home safely!

Tiki - by Zythe
Shaman and Childbearer Tiki had been the King and Queen of Duluth, a beautiful island that was sadly no more. It had been blown up when its God, Simpetricus, became angry with them for some reason, and had spirited their baby daughter away and given her to a girl with blonde hair who told them her name was Elvie. She had visited their village earlier that awful day, and as with many tourist groups before, they had just called on their spirits to grant her good luck. But Shaman took a liking to this girl, and he added a prayer to Simpetricus, to carry her home safely with everything she'd need in life.
After the explosion, with only the clothes they stood up in, and a bag of jewels, they managed to escape the ruins of their beloved island, and have made their way to Maple Valley in search of their daughter.
Shaman needs Duluth to know her destiny, Childbearer is missing her little girl dearly and can't wait to find her. Duluth's story is one that could be at the heart of Maple Valley, and her future is yours to decide...

Teal - by cpowell8203
They are supposed to be love's young dream: sweethearts since high school, Derrick and Angie seemed destined to be together. She loved Derrick with all her heart, and thought that following him here was right, and would be something she could live with. Even though it meant leaving some of her own hopes and dreams behind. But how long can she survive in a marriage where she feels unfilled and under appreciated? Will Derrick and Angie be able to make their “perfect marriage” last or will resentment and temptation tear them apart?

Fabulous - by Zythe
Dr.Ivan Fabulous works for Anton Rivière as his private scientist, and helps with many of his most evil schemes. As a result of an unfortunate accident while making 'the ultimate candy', an explosion gave him awsome superpowers and transformed Dr. Fabulous into 'The Sour Taste', Maple Valley's supervillain!
Ivan has a crush on that nice guy next door, John Smith, but otherwise has no apparent softer side! He is supposed to hide his special powers, but quite enjoys wandering around annoying people, and drawing attention to himself!

Smith - by Kail210/Zythe
This is John, on a rare day off enjoying a spot of golf with his friend Ivan, who lives next door! Ivan is a bit of a character, he isn't John's usual type, but so far, their relationship has been quite good (even if Ivan can be a little evasive), and it makes a nice change from the hectic secret life that he has being Maple Valley's superhero, Can D. Apple!
It all started back when he was a journalist for The Chocolate Sun newspaper, and he had been investigating Mayor Anton Rivière's evil plans. He followed Anton to an old factory downtown one night, and was hiding behind some boxes when there was an explosion! Ever since, he has been in possession of awsome superpowers, and spends his time protecting Maple Valley from evildoers everywhere! Well, most of the time anyway...

Hyacinth - by mistwind
Tammy is from a rich family, but is now trying to make it on her own. She dreams of being a chef, though hopefully she can still have a little fun while she's being so independant!

Montelli - babajayne/Zythe
Mario and Sophia's daughter married Luke Applebaum not so long ago, in recent times Sophia has been reassessing her life and feels that she wants a little more from it. While her husband Mario seems fairly happy to just coast along as they are, the same as he always has.
Can the Montelli's find some new interests that will suit them both?

Whadia - by lechapeau
Seema Whadia has had to move back in with her parents because her husband Nahim made a bad business deal. This meat they lost their home and almost everything else that they owned! Her father, Bimtar despises Nahim, and holds him completely responsible, even though it wasn't all Nahim's fault. Her mother, Sabjeet is very well meaning, but constantly puts pressure on Seema to have another child.
They already have a teen daughter, Manesha, and Seema thinks a baby is the last thing they need, she just wants to work along with Nahim to get them back on their feet again. Manesha can be moody, she resents leaving behind their old life, and has formed quite a bond with her grandparents, sometimes ganging up with them on Nahim while her mother is at work!
Nahim feels a failure, it seems that no matter what he tries to do, nothing works out well. He dreams of having his own business, but keeps losing jobs, or getting terrible ones that pay a pittance and all of this prevents them from leaving this miserable house!

Maritzo - by lechapeau
Naldo is a proud father and of course wants the best for his son, but he tends to push Eligio a little too far. His wife, Agostina, is stuck in the middle of their arguments; but she knows that trying to stop Naldo is an impossible task, she also sees that Eligio is just as stubborn! So she leaves them to it, while they both resent the fact that she doesn't take a side.

Harris - by lechapeau
The Harris family have little hope: Jack has spent his life gambling and propping up the bar, while his wife Deandra does nothing around the house, but works the late shift at the gas station and spends most of the rest of the night hanging around town. Their teen daughter Pepper seems strong, she takes care of her little sister Tess and does all she can to make life more normal for her.
Pepper has a crush on Eligio Maritzo, though they are only friends but he stood up for her while the girls were teasing her at school. But he has no idea how she feels, and probably wouldn't be interested anyway. She longs to go to university, to get something better than a dead end job, and take Tess away from here,  But she knows that with funds as tight as they are she'll never be able to afford to go, and what would happen to Tess if she did? Jack and Deandra can barely look after themselves!
Tess wants her mum and her dad to stop being so mean to each other, and for Pepper to not look so sad!


  1. Too many sims. Too much to keep track of.

  2. I played this years and years ago (also Beacon Falls). It had a few more families than I wanted, but it was great to play with a group of sims I wasn't familiar with. I'm glad to hear you repaired some of the problems. DL-ing again to add to my free copy of Sims 2 Ultimate.

  3. Thank you for your comment, I appreciate it. And thanks for downloading again, hope it plays nicely for you this time around!

  4. I know this is an old forum, but I was looking on MTS and someone ( I think it was Marka93) posted a wiki list of all the CC neighborhoods people have created, and I downloaded this for my game. I fell in love with it first thing! It's really amazing! Great job!