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Download - Clarkston University Subhood

Update: Oct/Nov 2011 Clarkston University was checked with Mootilda's HoodChecker program, and it was found to be okay.

Quote from Zythe: "I'll rename it something that implies it's even Anton's school where he brainwashes students to vote for him, support his evil campaigns and join the army"
How it came about
With the original Maple Valley, I made a few university lots and would upload them whenever I was asked, for people to put together and make their own Maple Valley University. At that time, downloadable subhoods were something we could only wish for, now that they have become a reality, I thought I might as well adapt what I had and add a few things to it to make a complete subhood. The individual lots are still available separately below, for those prefering that option.
I like it, I will add it to my own shiney new version of Maple Valley, but it's not 'great' or majorly exciting. It 'fits' with the rest of of Maple Valley, as with the lots there, no particular theme was ever used, although I have matched some lots that all sit together in groups by using similar doors/windows/decor to make them look as if they belong. All lots are flat, I've tried to keep them at least medium sized, but I'm neither goot at, or inspired by making very small lots, and I don't like having my own sims be too cramped.
There are other university options you may prefer, such as Mootilda's Brainania complete subhood which is available at MTS, or Prospect University: Modular College, which is by Zazazu at MATY.

Clarkston University has been made using Numenor's Any Game Starter in a base/University/Nightlife set up, and therfore requires those EP's installed in order to work. It uses an original EA/Maxis SC4 template, Sample SC4, and was created following a tutorial by Mootilda at ModTheSims.
All downloads are Rar files, links for WinRar and Extract Now can be found in the list to the right.

To Install
Place the CU04 folder into your Program Files\EA GAMES\The Sims 2 University\TSData\Res\NeighborhoodTemplate folder.
*NOT* into your My Documents\EA Games folder.

To Uninstall
Simply delete the CU04 folder from your Program Files\EA GAMES\The Sims 2 University\TSData\Res\NeighborhoodTemplate folder.

Note that if Clarkston has already been attached to any of your neighborhoods, then deleting it from the Program files will not take it away from them. It will just delete this neighborhood from the list of University destinations available in your menu. You will need to use the trashcan icon from within the game to delete it from an actual neighborhood.
If you use other custom subhoods, the mod by Mootilda to fix the subhood selection available in the list of links you should be able to see to the right, will allow them all to show up in your catalog menu's.
Nothing else needs deleting/moving or backing up in your Program Files folder, Clarkston will not replace any of your other university 'hoods because it has a different ID and folder number. It will be available as a choice in the menu when you click to add a university to a main neighborhood and it is 'as well as', not instead of any Maxis/EA or custom uni neighborhood's you currently play.

There are no Sims included with this subhood, it requires no custom content. All lots have been weatherproofed by placing tiles under existing roof space, this should be helpful if you have the Seasons EP and will also provide ceilings if you have the Apartment Life EP.
I have also used SimPE, Pescado's Directors Cut hacks at MATY, and Buyable Reward Objects by Sophie-David in the making of this subhood, again, all links can be found in the list to the right.

If you don't want a complete subhood, but would like the lots to make up your own university
Download a folder containing the loose University lots
Please note: don't place houses that were made in a university subhood into a normal non uni neighborhood, as this may cause problems with sims aging in your game.

The Dorms
Clarkston Dorm has 8 rooms, all have desks and dressers. This includes two rooms, each with double beds and en-suite bathrooms. Then as well as the normal dorm type items, the lot features a gym and then in the garden you will find two obstacle course career rewards.
Selena Dorm has 6 rooms, all have desks. Two of the rooms have double beds, plus dressers and en-suite bathrooms. Along with the normal dorm type items, the lot has a science block with career reward objects and a music room.
Fruit 'n' Nut Dorm has 12 rooms, all with desks. There are two rooms with double beds, plus dressers and en-suite bathrooms. This dorm is more in keeping with the EA/Maxis style, and only has the tele prompter career reward as extra to the normal dorm type items.

Clarkston Campus | Clarkston Dorm
 MV Logo Park | Clarkston Library
There are 11 Community Lots
Note: This number doesn't include the towers sitting each side of the campus building; as they currently stand, these are purely for decoration. There is nothing at all for your sims to do there, there are no doors. However, there is room to adapt them if you want to: simply remove a section of the pool where you want the entrance to be, then add steps, a door and whatever else you think there should be!

All community lots have toilet facilities, some also have showers.
Da Sylvia Park has instuments and a coffee bar.
Maple Valley Walkthrough park was based on the Maple Valley Logo and includes a barbeque area.
There's the usual campus building which includes a bar, a cafeteria, seating andf computers. There is a library, and a gym with a small outdoor pool. There's a bowling alley, a couple of restaurants and bars, with the usual fun items which allow students to unwind, mix and mingle, or cause mischief!
Please Note: The bar on Clarkston Campus isn't the kind that generates a bartender, if you want one then please replace it with a bar that does.

Antoniere Road has 6 houses for rent, all very small and basically furnished, with two bedrooms and ranging in price from 3,012 to 4,233 simoleans. They each have a double bed and one or two single beds, there's room on each lot to extend if you choose to, and have the funds to do so.
There is one slightly larger house for richer sims, and one even larger property suitable to change into a Greek house.
There is a Secret Society lot, which as usual has career reward objects, and hopefully looks suitably dark and mysterious!

The largest house, and potential Greek House

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