Thursday, 24 March 2011

Details of Changes Made & Some Lot Pictures

If you've ever played Maple Valley before, I have made a few changes:
Main families
1. Sylvia Tangia is now known as Elvie (mainly to avoid there being 2 Sylvia Rivière's if she stays in her current relationship, and marries Clark)
2. Lovers to certain sims have been left out, unless they actually added to the storyline
3. The MacDonald ghost parents have not been recreated because they didn't add anything to the storyline
4, The Oak childrens father's/Peridot's ex-husbands are now townies, it was suspicious for both to have died!
5. Derrick Teal is no longer related to Luke Applebaum, and Angie Teal is no longer related to Naldo Maritzo. Their story specifically said that they had moved away from their families, although another connection still remains...

All other storylines are intact, 'mysteries' have been recreated to the best of my ability. I hope it's enough to say 'so and so had affairs', without keeping each and every lover, in the same way that we all know each of the sims should have had parents at some point, they just didn't all need to stay in the game! I felt that the ones who remain might add something, if you think not then you are free to send them to the new graveyard!
I would highly recommend using J.M.Pescado's nounlinkondelete hack, found at MATY (be sure to get the version that goes with your game set up). Gravestones and urns get smashed, it isn't good for your neighborhood to have broken ghost files, and that hack makes me less worried if the game decides 'lose a few' from time to time!

The original townies had Missy Understood (F/A) actually being an elder male, and Bobby Jones (M/A) as a teen, he may also have been changed into a female. I understand from posts at MATY that this is, or can be, a bad thing, so those changes have not been made to them this time around.
As mentioned above, the Oak fathers are now townies. They were connected up as cousins, to make having the same surname make sense, meaning the children also then become cousins to the one that isn't their father. It made sense at the time.

In the original Maple Valley, NPC names were changed to simmified versions from music artists and movie stars, many names were given by Zythe and some others were suggested that members of the group liked the sound of. Specifically, we had one named 20 Cent, and one named 3 Pac; sadly those particular sims are no more, but they have been replaced by Beyoncè Knowlesim and Jai Zeesim!
Not all NPC's that recieved particular names were created during the making of this version of Maple Valley, any new sims that get generated in your own game will be given EA/Maxis names, unless you have one of those programs/hacks that will generate different names.

Maple Valley Houses that have had the biggest changes 
Rivière House | Hyacinth House
  Hudson House | Applebaum House

Maple Valley Community Lots
Main picture is the New-Sweet Wrappings Cemetery
Then Sugar Park | Revamped-Cream & Sugar Coffee House | Maple Valley Mall | New-Maple Valley Leisure Center

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