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Downloads - Maple Valley Extra Add-on Families & Lots

These add-on lots and families do not have to be used in Maple Valley, they can be placed anywhere, in any neighborhood you choose. The lots and sims are all clean, unplayed and as safe as downloadable lots containing sims can be.
We didn't make a downtown for Maple Valley; the three families and other lots here are not enough to fill out a whole downtown, and I don't currently have the time needed to make further lots or create a whole downtown subhood, or the time it would take to test and/or edit it.

These are offered as loose lots, for you to pick and choose as you prefer. Descriptions and pictures will give you an idea of what you're getting, pictures of inside the lots have been included in the Rar files. All lots have tiles placed under the roofspace, which will weatherproof them for use with the Seasons EP, and this will also give them ceilings if you have FT/AL, or whichever EP gave us ceilings!
All downloads are Rar files, links for WinRar and Extract Now can be found in the list to the right.

The Bar Family - 4 Biscuit Drive
The sims themselves all have sweet or biscuit themed names, they also have what were intended to be fun and fairly extreme, active, outgoing and playful personalities. They are Jella Bayne, her husband Twix, their teen daughter Candie, teen son Mars and a toddler daughter named Kitkat.
Hyfiba is Twix's much healthier brother!
They live in a very large split level house which was intended to be placed in Maple Valley's downtown. The house has two garages, a large entry hall with a weights room to one side (too small to be called a gym!), a bathroom to the other side and a kitchen and dining room at the back, each leading out to a small garden square. Upstairs has a large, width of the house lounge, there are five bedrooms, each with en-suite bathrooms.
As mentioned, they were all made in a completely clean account for use in Maple Valley, but you can use them wherever you choose. The Bar familiy haven't been played and have no skills.

Download The Bar Family in their house

The Minion Family- 9 Nougat Lane
There seemed to be a real lack of teen boys in Maple Valley to begin with, not so now in the new version because I've added some to the townie pool.
The Minion storyline is that they were kidnapped and taken as youngsters to be brought to Maple Valley. The eldest, Aleksei, along with Vitali, Rurik, Pavel, Lev and Oleg, were put to work in this old converted building by Dr Ivan Fabulous. Ivan used the bulding in his work with Anton Rivière to make 'The Ultimate Candy'. This was a sweet said to be so dangerous that it will sway a vote as soon as it's popped into your mouth!
If it had worked, that is...But the mixture exploded; leaving Dr.Fabulous as 'The Sour Taste', and John Smith the journalist sent to investigate the crime as 'Can D. Apple'...Supervillain and Superhero of Maple Valley. After their plans failed, Rivière and Fabulous abandoned the factory, and the boys were forgotten and left behind. Now grown, Aleksei continues to try to take care of the teens, but they are strong minded and unruly. Will they resent his authority, or can Aleksei take control, and keep them all from taking the wrong path?
Note: The above is just their supposed storyline, Aleksei and the boys *do not* have any memory of Dr.Fabulous, nor he of them because they have never actually met, or been part of the same game. The Minions have been edited to remove Aleksei as their father. He has a job, otherwise they are non played sims, but they have been given a few skill points.
Two of them have teased each other, which is why their relationship isn't too good. This happened when I first went in, before I could pause the game.
Again, they were all made in a completely clean account, and although these sims were made for use in Maple Valley, you can use them anywhere you choose.

Download The Minion Family in their house

Rufus Parker- 6 Peppermint Road
Rufus is a single male sim, and lives in a fairly large house with open plan living, a bathroom and one bedroom. There are a further two empty rooms upstairs to use as further bedrooms, a study, or as you wish. Rufus and his house were made for Maple Valley's downtown. I made him to match up with Alison MacDonald, though as I've said previously, you can put him anywhere and he can be paired with anyone!
This house closely matches the Townhouse which is available below in the group of Extra Add-on Lots.

Download Rufus Parker in his house

Other houses here have no particular numbers or streetnames.

Pic-Nic Area Park - Requires Basegame Only

This is a bumpy park, areas where sims are most likley to gather have been flattened out, but they will probably still stomp and complain if the sim they want to talk to is on a more bumpy area at the time. I believe it has been built on a hill, and when you place it, it is likely to raise the ground surrounding it. The lot includes a barbeque spot, swings, chess tables and a pond with a bridge.
Download Pic-Nic Park (file will appear as Park-Base TS2)

Downtown House - Requires Uni/NL
This house has a garage, downstairs has an open plan layout. There is a gap between the garage and the main house, I was going to put a bathroom on the lower level, but I did that in the house Rufus Parker lives in, which can be found above, so at the moment this gap is wasted space. Just so that you know! It includes a bedroom and a bathroom, other rooms upstairs remain empty for you to use as you wish.
Download Downtown House (file will appear as Townhouse-Uni+NL)

Bowlpoop Nightclub - Requires Uni/NL
Made 'to honor' boolrop, and all of the weird and wonderful things it can bring, and was used for in the original making of Maple Valley. 
Anyway, this lot has a restaurant to one side, a bar to the other, and a dancefloor with a DJ Booth.

Download Bowlpoop Nightclub (file will appear as Nightclub-Uni+NL)

Simstons - Requires Uni/NL
One of those huge old stores most big towns have, it has a restaurant and sells pretty much everything except food.
Download Simstons (file will appear as Updated Simstons-Uni+NL)

Modern Cottage - Requires Uni/NL/OfB
A smallish open plan house, with two bedrooms and two and a half bathrooms. It has trellis work in the garden and above the driveway.

Download Modern Cottage (file will appear as Cottage-Uni+NL+OfB)

A Slice Of Cake - Requires Uni/NL/OfB
This lot has been made to look like a decorated two tier cake, and is intended to be an ownable bakery business. It has a small staff room, there is both a restaurant stove and an ordinary cooker in the kitchen, meaning this could be a full restaurant and/or a bakery.
Note though that at the moment no podium has been placed.
Download A Slice of Cake (file will appear as Ownable Bakery-Uni+NL+OfB)

Bungit 'n' Plugit - Requires Uni/NL/OfB
This lot was made to be an ownable business. It has shelving to add goods of your choice and a small staff room. The store is set out as a bathroom and fitments showroom, with a bathroom display in one corner, and then toilets, sinks, towel rails and mirrors arranged on the shop floor. Objects have been placed using snapobjectstogrid, decor as well and, while playing, this might cause some issues. All toilets have plants placed inside, to hopefully stop sims from attempting to use them!
Download Bungit 'n' Plugit (file will appear as Ownable Store-Uni+NL+OfB)

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